It Takes a Revolution for a Solution


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Exclusive interview of diSip’s lead vocalist, Gazzman Couleur, on the future of Konpa music and the state of the  Haitian music business.

Creole and English interview conducted by HMI Buzz, Oz’Mosis.

Nou se Leader


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Jean, sa li ye?
Mackenson,sa li ye?
Dano, sa li ye?
Tchoopy, sa li ye?
Ti Harry, sa li ye?
Jimmy Danger, sa li ye?
Patrick Fabre, sa li ye?
Gazzman Couleur, sa li ye?

diSip Men diferans la


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The month of April is diSip anniversary. It is the renewal of diSip’s mission to bring quality music and top-notch entertainment.  As stated in the song, “Men diferans la”, Gazzman Couleur relates how words seem vain to explain the meaning of the diSip movement. We thank you all!

“Kite mwen cheche yon mo ki poko ekoute

Kite mwen cheche yon mo ki pa minm egziste

Pou nou ekri ak yon lank ki pa ka  efase

Grave moun sa yo pou letènite…”



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