diSip’s 5th Anniversary


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This year, diSip’s 5th anniversary coincides with Easter Sunday, which falls on Sunday April 5th, 2015, and we’re requesting ideas from the fans in order to plan the event.

In which city should we held the party? Miami, New York, Montreal, Gonaïves or Paris?

What theme do you suggest?

Which guest band should we party with?

  • diSip/Djakout
  • diSip/NuLook
  • diSip/Klass
  • diSip/Gabel
  • diSip/Kreyol La


diSip’s “Poukisa” at the Widescreen Film Festival


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diSip’s “Poukisa” music video is the official selection at the 1st Annual Widescreen Film & Music video. The most controversial music video from the Haitian music market presented by the team of Lunerversal have a chance to be crown “Best Film Maker”.

Join the movement and support our artists by purchasing your tickets. Events span from February 27 – March 3rd in Miami, Florida.

Congratulations to all involved!diSip_Poukisa_WideScreen

diSip’s “Ekilib” Official Video Release


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The world premiere of “Ekilib” video is today, January 2nd, 2015 at 17:00 pm.

“Ekilib” is a moving song featured in Viktwa‘s CD, it translates the every day challenges that our haitian brothers and sisters go through at home and away from home.

Filmed in various locations in Haïti and Florida, “Ekilib” is a Saint Mic production.

Happy New Year!






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