Présentation de Chovi Lakay/Prezantasyon Chovi Lakay/Introducing Chovi Lakay



La Fondation Chovi Lakay est enfin en ligne. Visitez la Fondation Chovi Lakay à l’adresse web:

Fondation Chovi Lakay est sur Facebook, rejoignez-nous:

L’adresse courriel de la Fondation Chovi Lakay est:


À propos de Chovi Lakay


Fondation Chovi Lakay est un organisme sans but lucratif dont la mission est de promouvoir, fournir et maintenir, en collaboration avec ses partenaires, des programmes éducatifs, culturels, récréatifs, artistiques et sportifs. Créé en 2011, Chovi Lakay est une Fondation de Gazzman Couleur.



Fondasyon Chovi Lakay finalman sou entènèt. Vizite Fondasyon Chovi Lakay nan adrès wèb sila:

Fondasyon Chovi Lakay sou Facebook, rantre:

Adrès imel Fondasyon Chovi Lakay se:

Konsènan Chovi Lakay


Fondasyon Chovi Lakay se yon òganizasyon ki gen misyon pou ankouraje pwogram edikasyonèl, kiltirèl, lwazi, atistik ak atletik nan tèt ansanm avèk patnè li yo. Òganizasyon sa kreye nan lane 2011, Chovi Lakay se yon Fondasyon Gazzman Couleur.



Chovi Lakay Foundation is finally online. Visit Chovi Lakay Foundation at the web address:

Chovi Lakay Foundation is on Facebook, join us:

The email address of Chovi Lakay Foundation is:

About Chovi Lakay
Chovi Lakay Foundation is a not for profit organization whose mission is to promote, provide and sustain educational, cultural, recreational, artistic and athletic programs in cooperation with its partners. Created in 2011, Chovi Lakay is a Gazzman Couleur Foundation.

diSip Revamps Website



Just in time for the holidays, diSip revamps their  website.

diSip’s communication and marketing team selected a bold and catchy theme to accentuate the victory of VIKTWA. From fans to media, to sponsors to family members, this is our way of saying Thank you.

On the right-hand side of your screen, you’ll discover diSip’s official Facebook page, diSip’s scheduled events, the recent posts and the countdown to diSip’s 5th anniversary.

On the left-hand side of your screen, the 12 pages of the site give in-depth information about our Players, our Discography, our Store, our Sponsors, Gazzman Couleur Foundation and much more. Click on each page to explore the on-going transformation of diSip’s movement.

More than 500 000 visitors have claimed their victory; join us.

Viktwa se nou, Viktwa pou nou!





Vote for Your Favorite 2014 Video

The popular webzine, Kompamagazine unveiled the 2014 nominations for Video of the Year. As true leaders, diSip is leading the way with 3 nominations.

  1. “Leader”
  2. “Madanm mwen”
  3. “Poukisa” feat. Richard Cavé

To cast your vote, log on to



Give the Gift of VIKTWA

diSip’s Viktwa is the perfect gift for the holiday season and for all seasons. It is convenient, timeless, full of joy and victory. Click here to include Viktwa on your holiday list.