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In memory of January 12th, 2010.

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December 2012

Dec 21st, Mirebalais, HT
Dec 22nd, St.Marc, HT
Dec 23rd, Port-au-Prince, HT
Dec 24th, Carrefour, HT
Dec 25th, Les Cayes, HT
Dec 26th, Aquin, HT
Dec 27th, Hinche, HT
Dec 28th, Port-au-Prince, HT
Dec 29th, Jacmel, HT
Dec 30th, Bainet, HT
Dec 31st, Cap-Haïtien, HT

January 2013

January 1st, Port-au-Prince, HT
January 2nd, Petit Goâve, HT
January 3rd, Gonaïves, HT
January 4th, Port-au-Prince, HT
January 5th, Léogâne, HT
January 6th, Jérémie, HT


…tous les bagay anle!



This is the official Capricorn affair, come party with diSip & Zenglen.


A two-part convo with Gazzman Couleur, Jean, Tchoopy and Bodo on various subjects, including the Holiday Season Tour, the release of the new album, the 2013 Carnival meringue, and much more.
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux.

Part 1

Part 2

Be among the first,to read the lyrics of one the songs, to be featured in our upcoming album:

“Pouki se chak jou moun ap juje moun
Min, pa gin youn ladan yo ki bon moun
Yo gin vye anbisyon, yo pa ta vle we’w nan yon pozisyon

Sa pa nomal, yo san moral, lespri yo sal
Sa pa nomal, yo san moral, lespri yo sal”