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diSip’s celebrated Majistra T-Joel’s birthday in style with a mix of “Pour le meilleur et pour le pire”, “Leader” and “Madanm mwen”.







Get ready for the World Premiere of “Urgence”, the 4th video from the VIKTWA CD. “Urgence” is a Handy Thibert realisation.

“Urgence” will be released this Monday, September 15th, 2014 at 7 p.m.


DISIP-Urgence (pic1) DISIP-Urgence (pic2) DISIP-Urgence (pic3) DISIP-Urgence (pic4) DISIP-Urgence (pic5) DISIP-Urgence (pic6) DISIP-Urgence (pic7)

We had a sensational time in the motherland of Haiti. We are thankful to be able to connect and to bring so much joy in the hearts of many.

We praise our Father for the unconditional love, we thank our business partners for the trust, members of the media for the support, our families and friends for the encouragement.  Below are a couple of the pictures of  diSip’s Summer 2014. The remaining 558 photos can be viewed and shared on diSip’s official Facebook page.


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Hello all,

This is disipmusic/genesis:

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If you are looking for a specific topic in the Archives, please be patient as we set up the site in a convivial manner.

Should you have any ideas or suggestions, share them on this thread.

We thank you for your understanding.

Viktwa se nou, Viktwa pou nou!


“Part 1″


“Part 2″

It is with great pleasure that we confirm the nomination of Sexy Beef as Maestro of diSip! Leaders create more leaders. Manman bef, min bef, min bef, min bef!



We thank all 500, 000 visitors on Living Our Victories Everyday!


500 000