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Yes, the month of November is already here. As always, we are thankful amid the challenges. We’re starting the month of November by performing in Boston, Massachusetts and will travel to the motherland to honor the contracts.

Special thanks to our musicians, our management team, our sponsors and our family for the support.
Saturday November 1st – Boston, Massachusetts

Sunday November 2nd – Haïti

Monday November 3rd – Haïti

Tuesday November 4th – Haïti

Viktwa se nou, Viktwa pou nou!

Other dates will be added subsequently.

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Note officielle de diSip concernant le statut de Bodo

Gazzman Couleur et l’équipe de direction de diSip informent tout et chacun que le le claviériste, Yves Michel ne fait plus partie du groupe. Cette décision est effective dès le 20 octobre 2014. Lorsque la mission de diSip a été lancé en Avril 2010, Gazzman Couleur a décidé d’aider ses frères et soeurs à coeur et bras ouverts. Cette philosophie est le noyau de la mission de diSip et cette mission n’a pas changé.  A partir de maintenant, le poste de claviériste est vacant. Nous jouerons avec des claviéristes de façon temporaire, jusqu’à ce qu’un candidat soit trouvé.

Nous remercions Yves Michel pour les 4 années de service et lui souhaitons bonne chance dans ses projets futurs.

Viktwa se nou, Viktwa pou nou!



Not ofisyèl diSip konsènan estati Bodo

Gazzman Couleur ak ekip jesyon djaz diSip enfome piblik la ke klavyeris/kibodis, Yves Michel pa fè pati gwoup la, depi jou 20 oktob nan lane 2014.

Lè misyon diSip la te komanse nan mwa davril 2010, Gazzman Couleur te deside ede frè ak sè li yo ak kè, ak bra louvri. Filozofi sila se nwayo misyon djaz diSip; misyon a pa chanje.

Kounyea, pozisyon klavyeris/kibodis la disponib. Djaz diSip ap jwe avek klavyeris/kibodis tanporèman, jiskaske nou jwenn yon kandida.

Nou remèsye Yves Michel pou 4 ane sèvis yo, nou swete li reyusi nan tout sa li entreprann nan lavni li.

Viktwa se Nou, Viktwa Pou Nou!



diSip’s Official Note Concerning Bodo’s Status

Effective as of October 20th, 2014, Gazzman Couleur and the management team of diSip want to inform all that keyboard player, Yves Michel is no longer part of the group. When diSip’s mission was launched in April 2010, Gazzman Couleur opened his heart and arms to help his brothers and his sisters;the core of diSip’s mission has not changed.  As of now, the position of keyboard player remains vacant, we will perform with temporary players until a suitable candidate is found.

We thank Yves Michel for the 4 years of service and wish him well in his future projects.

Viktwa se nou, Viktwa se nou!





One of our objective at diSip, is to give our fans an opportunity to express their sentiments about the musical direction of the group.  As commented by Gazzman Couleur in a recent statement to the webzine, Kompamagazine, he would prefer that “any musician that joins DISIP  to bring something to the group in terms of contribution.”  This message is omnipresent in various diSip’s songs. diSip, se yon mouvman talan.

Who would you like to become diSip’s keyboard player? Would you prefer someone who is well established in the Konpa music scene, or a fresh face?

We welcome a constructive dialogue with our fans.

good leader


diSip has set a record by releasing more than 3 videos from the same album. diSip is presently shooting the 5th video to be releasing from the VIKTWA album.  Can you guess which song it will be?

To recap, the video of:

  • “Madanm mwen…” caused a commotion when it was released in December of 2013;
  • “Leader” was also released in December 2013;
  • “Poukisa” was released in August 2014;
  • “Urgence” was released in September 2014



Correction: The original version has been edited at 6:15 p.m E.T


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While touring in the motherland, Gazzman Couleur and diSip made an impressive discovery  with a young singer, Vady Delva.

In this “Sexy Love” performance, the band demonstrated once again, that they are here to p-l-a-y.


Special thanks to Black Krytik.



Gazzman Couleur will be in Haïti from September 25th to October 6th.

Viktwa se nou, Viktwa pou nou!

DISIP-Urgence (pic5)



We had a sensational time in the motherland of Haiti. We are thankful to be able to connect and to bring so much joy in the hearts of many.

We praise our Father for the unconditional love, we thank our business partners for the trust, members of the media for the support, our families and friends for the encouragement.  Below are a couple of the pictures of  diSip’s Summer 2014. The remaining 558 photos can be viewed and shared on diSip’s official Facebook page.

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Hello all,

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Viktwa se nou, Viktwa pou nou!