Created in April 2010, diSip is the leading Konpa band in the Haitian Music Market and is dedicated to bringing quality music and top-notch entertainment. Critically acclaimed Best New Group/Band of the Year/Male Artist of the Year by Compas on Broadway, diSip is the brainchild of founder and Lead vocalist, Gasman “Couleur” Pierre.

“Sweet Love”




“Poukisa” feat. Richard Cavé


“Nan sa mwen ye la” Gazzman Couleur




“Madanm mwen”


“Jere bann nan” Kanaval 2014″


“T.M.F” Travese moun frontye Kanaval 2013


“Sa w’ap fe?” Gazzman Couleur


“Racines” Gazzman Couleur


“Konpa direk” Gazzman Couleur


“E moun yo ye?” Kanaval 2012


“Li gin plan” Gazzman Couleur


“My Angel”


“Parol la” Gazzman Couleur


“Hold on to Your Dream”


“Bon Die’m nan gran” Gazzman Couleur


“Bope pa papa”


“Pou yo” Gazzman Couleur with Sky’z da limit


“Si yon jou” Dug G featuring Gazzman Couleur


“S.O.S. producteurs” Gazzman Couleur


“Legacy” Gazzman Couleur


“Pedu chelbe” Gazzman Couleur


“Gad palais” Gazzman Couleur


“Italien” Gazzman Couleur

4 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. living legacy

  2. Guerline louis said:

    Nice video

  3. Mwen fek dekouvri seksyon sa-a. I like!

  4. t cown zoe 4 life said:

    se sak djaz disip djaz papa bondye ki anwo a t cown zoe deye la djaz san gade deye 4 ever

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